Heirloom Recipe Wall


I love old things. Whether it be old barn wood, old fabric, old furniture, old country music or even old people; I love all things old. China… who wants new china? Slap the word vintage on the front of it and I am all over it like white on rice. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people. Sorry not Sorry. Whats even better than just old things, are old things that used to belong to family members. JACKPOT.

I bring you our heirloom recipe wall!

From top to bottom:
Homemade Sign – Made from 100-year-old barn wood from my Aunt Kathy’s farm in Illinois; Myrkwood Farm. Hawaiian Sheet Cake – Top left; My husband’s late grandma Pat’s recipe in her handwriting. German Potato Salad  – Top right; My Nonnie’s recipe in her hand writing. If you haven’t had german potato salad it is WONDERFUL. Date Pin Wheels – Bottom left; My Nana’s famous date pinwheel  recipe. THE recipe she was known for, in her handwriting (always cursive because she thought that her print was ugly). Peanut Butter Cookies –  Bottom right; Also, Wes’s grandma Pat’s recipe in her handwriting.

I think its important to keep (and display) reminders of where you came from. Not only to honor those who impacted us so deeply and molded us into who we are… but also to remind us of the things and people who really matter in this busy world that we live in.

Till next time.


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