A little about “The” High Cotton Crafter…


My name is Alexis Marie. I am a southern girl, born & raised in Tennessee-the Heart of Dixie. Not only am I am a hairsylist beauty ninja, but I am also a wife, mommy, thrift store junkie & sale price natzi. I am passionately curious & hungry for life, a lover of Jesus & all things beautiful. My life goal has always been-and always will be-to be as supportive & patient with my children as my mother has always been for me. Ever since I was little, crafting has been my outlet. When I don’t craft, it takes a serious toll on my mental state-so THANK YOU for allowing me to share with you my own personal form of therapy! If you are like me, then WELCOME! I guess we could consider this our first group therapy session.

What Does she mean by “High Cotton” Crafter?

The phrase “high cotton” originated in the antebellum rural farming communities. Back then, it was used when the crops were good & the prices were too. Today, the phrase “high cotton” has somewhat evolved into a general state of good luck or being well off in terms of happiness & satisfaction. There is joy to be found in every situation; sometimes you just have to know where to look. James 1:2-4