An Ode to Adultier Adults

Have you ever been in an extra large situation? One of those situations where as soon as it happens, you look around like…

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One of those situations where you think to yourself, “What the (H-e-double hockey sticks) do I do now?” I’ll tell you, you look for an adultier adult, that’s what you do. If you don’t have an adultier adult on hand; you call your designated adultier adult immediately so they can tell you what to do. If they don’t answer… you call them again… and again… just ask my mom; She’s my designated adultier adult. Many a time I have called my mom when I am facing a large situation-

Ryker just got stung in the face by a yellow jacket, what do I do? Call mom.

Ryker just woke up raspy with a barking cough, what do I do? Call mom.

My car is out of gas, what do I do? Call mom.

My head hurts, can’t see out of my right eye, and my right arm is going numb, am I having a stroke, what do I do? Hyperventilate and Call mom.

and also a million not so large situations-

I need an oil change, how do I schedule that? Call mom.

How many minutes do I cook a potato for in the microwave, I don’t know? Better call mom.

What the heck is dextrose and why is it in my cake mix? Oh, I bet mom would know! Gonna give her a call.

You get the picture…

Adultier adults make the world go round. None of us would be able to function without them- atleast I know I wouldn’t.  They give us (or help us come to) the calm, rational solution to all of our problems big and small. Who is your adultier adult? Who do you bounce ideas off of? Who do you call when you are in a pickle, down in the dumps, or just need a shoulder to cry on? THAT person is your designated adultier adult!

Oh adultier adults, you keep us from loosing our minds. You are calm and collected when the world around us is insanity! You are the often overlooked superheroes of society… and we thank you!

Have you hugged your adultier adult today?


#MomLife is the BEST life.

It’s quite embarrassing how long it’s been since I have written a blog post… I PINKY PROMISE that I am still alive, at least partially – I’ve been momming. To all of you moms out there, that is more than enough explanation. To those of you who aren’t moms, let me just put it this way…

Imagine going through labor > pushing for an hour > out *pops* (more like slides… but we won’t get into that) a tiny screaming human > they hand you the tiny human and then BAM that tiny human is solely your responsibility for the next 18 years… *MINDBLOWN*. In my case, my tiny human had some serious sleep aversions (until 14-ish months) and refused any type of bottle. On top of easily passing as a cast member from The Walking Dead… add about
1,080 poopy diapers,
560 loads of laundry,
540 Baths & Bedtimes,
302 “RYKER, DON’T CLIMB ON THE *insert multiple items*,
247 Avocados peeled and sliced,
90 nights of colic,
64 lost socks in target,
60 bumped heads,
45 pinched fingers,
7 snotty nose colds,
2 trips to the emergency room
& 1 yellow jacket sting to the face.
(I know there’s a lot more but, I forgot, because I cant remember anything these days). Now you get the picture. This, This right here is #Momlife.

BUT #Momlife is the absolute best life there is. I have come to understand, with being a mom comes a level of maturity and selflessness that is unmatched. You suddenly transition into truly caring about someone else more than yourself in every way possible. For some, this transition is harder than others, but once that tiny human has sucked every ounce of selfishness out of you, you’ll look back and be extremely proud of the mom you’ve become. With motherhood also comes a sense of community  between you and other moms. There’s nothing like being in Publix with your kid who happens to be in complete melt down mode and walking past another mom who gives you that look that silently says, “Girl, I got you.” A bond that is unmatched and not reproducible in any other situation.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your little nugget learn something new. Whether it’s the first time you say “Smile, let me see your teethers” and they actually do it or when they learn that you can in fact flush all kinds of things down the toilet… good or bad, everything they learn is rewarding. It means that you have successfully kept them alive with every body part in tact, and they are growing, developing, and maturing into a healthy self-sufficient not so little tiny human. That’s hard work. Moms give yourself a pat on the back or a glass of wine, either will suffice!

All of that being said, I am going to make a 3/4 of the way through the year resolution to write more… because I very much enjoy connecting with you guys! I craft enough for 6 retired women, so why not share my knowledge (err > from trial and error) with everyone!

I’m back ladies! Xoxo





An Open Letter to My Little Boy

Open Letter

As I lay here at 2am watching you sleep. I am overcome by the intense burning love I have for you. I already see so much personality radiating from that tiny body of yours. You flipped over for the first time today and I couldn’t help but cry. You were so proud of yourself. I love watching you grow. You make my days worth living & you have taught me how to feel again.

As you continue to grow I want so many things for you. I want you to have immense joy but not without some pain because pain makes you be thankful for the good times. I want you to have many belly laughs. I want you to have many more good days then bad. I want you to be gentle yet strong. I want you to be compassionate towards others and yourself. I want you to be a hard worker but know, and most importantly listen, when you need a break. I want you to believe that there is good in people, because there are very good people out there, but also always be cautious and keep your eyes open. I want you to be humble but proud of yourself for things that matter. I want you to have the courage to chase hard after your dreams and never stop. I want you to be a God-fearing man of character. I want you to have unshakable faith that you can’t help but share. One day when you have a family I want you to not be afraid to show or accept love; the true character of a man shows through the way he loves his wife and children. I want you to be able to look back on your life and smile.

What I am saying is,

I want the best for you in every way possible but I don’t want it to always be easy, because struggle builds character.

I promise I will do everything that I can to mold you into a good solid young man. I love the quote “I am not your friend. I am your Mother. I will stalk you, flip out on you, lecture you, drive you insane, be your worst nightmare and hunt you down when needed because I LOVE YOU! When you understand that, I will know you are a responsible adult. You will never find someone who loves, prays, cares and worries about you more than I do!” I will do my very best for you every single day. That is my promise to you little bug. You will be my biggest challenge and greatest adventure.